Advice on Getting Married to a Russian Woman

Do you suspect your Russian wife of cheating on you? Do you think about catching her in the act and confronting her? Is she getting away with someone she knows will not be caught? Or perhaps you have caught her red handed but you are too ashamed to confront her or call the police because of all that embarrassment you have. The fear of humiliation has you burying your head in the sand so to speak.

Russian wife

There are ways you can catch a Russian wife before you lose all opportunity to get your relationship with her back on track again. One of these ways involves a long distance relationship. How long can you take to get married to a Russian woman? This is important because it will dictate how Russian women like to play hard to get.

If you plan to get married to a Russian woman that is 30 years or older you will need about six months to six years to build a friendship that is trusting and respectful. It will begin with a few cheeky emails back and forth that will build trust and understanding. You can send pictures of yourself and your fiancee, to encourage her to meet you in person. Some men prefer to send pictures of their bride to be before the meeting to heighten her anticipation.

When you marry a Russian woman, you should be prepared to move heaven and earth to meet her. A Russian bride is accustomed to life on the outside and accustomed to strangers. It is in this process of meeting people that Russian women are most drawn. They appreciate surprise and want to be treated as special. Be prepared to make those extra efforts to see her. Russian mail-order brides rarely expect an answer to their email unless they personally call you so make that the main item in your agenda for the day.

There are many advantages to dating Russian women. These women can help with your career if you are a man who needs motivation or support. Many Russian girls work in high-powered companies in Europe or the United States so you may be able to use your connection to help land a position there. Most of these women will be of legal age and although Russian girls will not put up much of a fuss about a man who is not from their country, they will expect a man who is and have a strong work ethic.

While it is true that the Russian women are known for being ambitious and often too willing to experiment with men, they also have a strong hold on their conservative side. So if you plan to be with Russian women for any length of time you will need to prepare for that side of her personality. The fact that you chose to date a Russian lady means that you have given up on trying to conform to western values. This does not mean that you cannot be a loving and caring husband or boyfriend, but for the life of your Russian girlfriend you should always be ready to adjust to whatever lifestyle she chooses to live.

Many Russian women do not like to discuss much about their personal lives and even less about marriage. It is best to keep your own life separate from your wife’s life before you get married because even the most devoted Russian wife will not hesitate to point out how little you know about her life. Russian men are used to having to juggle work and home life, so be prepared to adjust.

If you are a young man who has just gotten married, you may find yourself having more difficult times than others when it comes to adjusting to Russian life. Do not forget that you will be the one earning his bread, driving the car, taking the kids to school and all the other things you used to do before you got married. You will need to make sure that your family is aware of your marital status. Make sure that you tell them the truth even if you get married to a girl who does not know anything about your background.