Best 3 apps to meet Russian bride for real

Russian brides’ keen interest in western single men

Admiring Russian women’s beauty is common for all western and European men, but how to get such a girl in real? Is it a crazy and risky project or the best decision one could take in his life?

Dating experts are reassuring us Russian women have never been as serious about the international marriage as now. They are more open-minded than ever, and very cosmopolitan too.

In 2020, the number of international marriages in Russia is going to make at least half of all marriages in total. How is this possible? First of all, many foreigners moved to Russia recently.

Those are men from less developed countries who managed to find job in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg, as well as westerners who opened their business or bought some real estate there.

So, not all Russian women married to foreigners, even have to relocate to another country. Although many of them are ready to do that, due to many unexpected reasons.serious relationships with Russian girls

For example, Russian girls claim the climate got too severe in winters due to ecological changes, and sometimes it feels all Russia turned to Siberia or Alaska.

Others are afraid to raise sons in Russia because the military system knows no mercy. Very young soldiers, in fact, teenagers are often sent to the war zone although they’re just juniors.

As one of frequent motives, women cannot find proper job in their country. There’s still no strong feminist movement, and many of them are perceived as secretaries, even the smartest of them.

Finally, the quality of men never improves. After such an enormous loss in a Second World War, thousands of best guys keep being lost in the newest wars in Chechnya, Syria, Ukraine.

Since only the weakest ones remain, they often fall for strong alcohol drinks and make very ignorant, if not abusive partners. With a huge potential of Russian women, these beauties remain alone.

After reading this, there are no doubts beautiful Russian brides need to be rescued from their current circumstances. But, is it still convenient and reasonable for western men to marry them?


Top practical reasons to marry a Russian girl

Ironically, only never married men who haven’t been in serious relationships with Russian girls, claim it’s costly to date them or marry them. The best way to learn is to compare.

Western men who already got divorced with a local woman, perceive an Eastern European girlfriend as a true salvation. She is absolutely down-to-earth in comparison with American chicks.

A Russian girl can be happy with a cheap made-in-China dress where a western girl wants an expensive T-shirt of a famous brand. So, Natasha or Tanya want to look feminine and they do this cheaply.

A Russian girl will spend on well-groomed wavy hair the amount of money that American girl would spend on colouring her hair with the blue or green hair-dye.

Even, a young Russian woman will rather buy stockings and sexy lingerie than make piercing in her nose like an American young woman would do. This list can be continued marriages in Russia

Slavic girls’ priorities are clear now. Their ability to spend wisely is logical too, since they learn to manage their family’s small money since their childhood. It’s an important trait.

If one notices a Russian girl is spending too much of his money, he must be doing something wrong. Maybe, he even made the wrong choice without primary analysis.

The most innocent explanation is that a young woman had to be thrifty all last months or even years, and she fairly concludes that a western man earns more than she does, so she starts enjoying.

In this case, the best solution is to let her make several purchases, maybe she has been dreaming about these items for ages. But later to explain you’re short in money while travelling.apps to meet Russian bride

If both of you remain polite in these mutual explanations, it’s a good sign. She probably isn’t a golddigger and you are committed to show your understanding as well.

Now turning to other aspects of a Russian woman’s personality, we’d admit she is really enjoying all household chores, it’s not a burden for her although she looks like a lady.

Some western and European men are inviting a maid nowadays, and mostly eating out. They are also quite independent in cleaning, cooking simple dishes, especially BBQ organizing.

Eastern European wife can adapt to such habits, but she will be missing a kitchen a lot. Even if she used to be a busy bee at work or on a contrary, a daddy’s daughter, she still has her specialty.

A good compromise is arranging a picnic for friends often and having her beside to assist you. Russian women are really hospitable and communicative, they cannot stay all alone.


Top Russian dating apps and why you should try them

So if the interest in Russian brides is so keen and always mutual, how to meet them? Luckily, the technical progress in Russia finally allowed every person to have a smartphone.

The very first thing a girl is buying when she gets a job or a kind admirer, is a modern and fast phone where she can use messengers, watch videos, video chat with her friends, and so on.

Dating apps firstly seemed very exotic and weird to Russian women, since it took time for them even to get used to the desktop dating sites. But, right now things are smooth and they use them.

Basically, each young girl and every second older woman has Tinder-like apps on their phones or tablets, helping them to find admirers, friends, and potentially husbands.beautiful Russian brides

No. 3. Badoo

It’s hard to imagine any Russian phone without Badoo installed on it. It’s typical for users of all ages and they rate each other all day long. Women are aware many foreigners use it as well.

It is well-known Badoo wasn’t created for serious encounters, but girls hope someone will like them enough for meeting with a long-term relationship in mind.

No. 2. LovePlanet

No one would deny that LovePlanet became a big part of life and online communication in all Eastern European countries, but especially in Russia. Chances to meet a nice girl there are huge.

It’s true that a competition with Russian guys is big there too, but many women mention in their profile they don’t mind to meet a man from abroad. Some want a husband and others want fun.

LovePlanet is unique in a way because it suggests to female members pay for highlighting their profiles, and they frequently do. It’s kind of pleasant that girls are committed and able to pay.

No. 1. Brilic

Brilic app became infectiously famous after it added a qualitative dating blog in Russian to its set of features. But Russian women like it and install it for many other reasons too.

First of all, they find it innovative, trustworthy, and effective enough for finding a stable, financially secure western partner, not obligatory a sponsor or a sugar daddy.

Reportedly, they just think it’s helpful to charge men for a membership, because it keeps the jobless and unsociable personalities away from the database of real Russian brides.

Other reasons to consider it the must-have dating app is trendy high-tech design and a great service in general. Customer support is available 24/7 and never ignorant.

Previous two apps are often used as hookup platforms, while Brilic makes an accent on long-term relationship and does everything for bringing serious singles together.

Russian casualx app for relationships.

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