Why do foreigners want to date Russian women?

If you live in the USA, UK or Germany you probably regularly meet couples where the woman comes from abroad – usually from Russia. But why do men from the West want to date Russian women so much? We will try to explain.

Femininity instead of feminism

Let’s be honest and admit that there are many beautiful girls in any country including the USA and Western Europe. Actually, America is known for its charming actresses and sex-symbols, so why would American man prefer Russian women?
The answer is simple – girls in Russia are not emancipated. They remain feminine, they still prefer being led by a man and they still want to be a mother and a housewife. In other words, Russian women have traditional values. They are not that mad about careers and professional life although they are often quite successful. It is a normal thing when you meet a woman with Russian background on a high position in a big company.
But any girl from Russia would prefer to be a part of a large family. They are made for that! They admit it and agree that they would be happy to have many children if the financial situation allows for that.

Sensitiveness and care

Russian beauty comes along with very sensitive character and reverential attitude to the nearest and dearest including, of course, the husband and children.
Men who date Russian women are often surprised with how much care they get from their beloved ladies. For example, when you fall sick you don’t have to do anything – she will treat you and literally put you back on your legs!
Could you imagine and American girl who hurl all effort in preparing “decoctions” and going to pharmacy in order to find the drugs you need? Well, some of them can do like this, however typically the situation looks differently. Individualistic Western society states that we care only about ourselves. We do not have to sacrifice a good evening in front of TV and turn into a nurse or a doctor.
But Russian women are brought up in different environment. That is just unconceivable for them to act like Western women. So if you want to have a loving and reliable partner who will never give up on you and who will never let you down – then a Russian girl would be the best choice for you!
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