Hookup Russian bride right on the wedding: learn how!

The real value of Russian brides and why they’re special

Russian women are the best as wives and lovers. You must have been hearing this many times. But why would western men think so? What makes them want Russian girls so badly?

There are hundreds if not thousands of success stories already telling about happy international marriages between American men and Russian or Ukrainian women.

People’s experience shouldn’t be wasted in vain, instead, it is analyzed by many dating experts and bloggers. What do their stories bring to us, other singles all over the world?

The most surprising thing about Russian wives is that one of them replaces a harem at times. They are extremely sensual, feminine, passionate, stylish, and imaginative in a bed.

The majority of men who married them, report that they do not feel any need in having a lover in such a marriage. All men’s desires are fulfilled and even more than that.Hookup Russian bride

Such a phenomenon can be explained by many factors. First of all, Russian women indeed have a potential of Roksolana and Shakherezada, the most beautiful and resourceful concubines.

Roksolana was a simple girl from Ukrainian village who eventually conquered a Turkish sultan’s heart and literally changed Turkish history. There are many of such examples in the world.

For sure, Slavic women have much more inner resources and qualities than just servants who would cook and clean forever for their drunk Russian husbands. They deserve a better life.

But it’s not about materialistic benefits or social possibilities, it’s mostly about sexuality. Thanks to a very special and unique mix of different ethnicities in their genes, they are super hot.

Russian women are known for giving an allowance to their partner quickly enough, after just a few days of courtship. Some are happy with that and others are annoyed, but it’s just their nature.

A long period of being a part of the USSR has tried to change Russian women’s mentality and turn them into cold-blooded hard workers interested only in high results and political propaganda.

But it just didn’t work, since many brilliant Soviet actresses, singers, and dancers were noticed in their wild and epic romantic stories or frankly and openly happy marriages based on great sex.

Today, Russian girls remain the most seductive brides in the world thanks to their refined beauty, exclusive smartness, natural kindness and femininity, along with amazing sexiness.

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Ways to hookup your Russian bride

When analysing success stories about Russian brides, we can’t ignore men’s excitement by the fact that girls don’t mind to enjoy their honeymoon even before and during the wedding.

There are many jokes, anecdotes, movies, and local songs in Russia dedicated to sex during the wedding. Guests are happy with their food and drinks anyway, so why not to sneak out for a while!

Not all western men know about this tradition, and not all young brides are brave enough to tell them, but making love right on the wedding adds a lot to a couple’s enjoyment.

If the wedding takes place in a bride’s house, her parents’ house, or a man’s house, there’s no question where to hide for sex, since plenty of rooms and bathrooms are available.

If it’s summertime, do not skip the option of making love in the garden or on a balcony. The two of you will never forget this little festive adventure, it’s going to turn you on forever!about Russian wives

Bathrooms and terraces exist in restaurants too. If they are situated in high-storey buildings, there are sexy transparent elevators that can serve the just-married’s needs pretty well.

Some couples find it exciting to let their hands play under the table, in all guests’ presence. Again, people are too busy with their plates and glasses, and it’s much sweeter than just kissing!

That is why Russian brides often chose to wear white stockings instead of pantyhose, and no lingerie at all. The space under their dress is available for any festive experiments!

It is surely impossible to regret the marriage when it started like this, to search for a new partner soon, or to stay melancholic and bored like some husbands do. No boredom with Russian wife!

There are even wilder fantasies that can be fulfilled on a Russian wedding, but we leave that to your imagination. Some success stories are frank enough though and can be called naughty.

There are champions who claim they managed to make love dozens of time during the wedding. On special sites and forums, they share photos and other kinds of real proofs.

But it’s innocent enough to use the restaurant’s swimming pool, as well as the private one on afterparty. It’s up to you whether you will allow your guests to observe your play in water or not.

Some weddings include very official guests, in this case, all sweet games with your Russian bride are going to be secretive. But on informal celebrations, everything becomes possible.

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Why Russian brides are the best for sexy weddings?

If you have tried dating girls of other ethnicities and races before, you know many of them are rather shy in front of other people. Not many of them are suitable for wedding sex games.

For example, Latin American women are passionate enough to please their partner in the most unexpected places and situations, but wedding is something sacred and traditional for them.

Asian women are known to be shy and reserved even with their chosen ones. Some of them, like Filipinas, can be obedient enough to experiment in public, if their future husband asked.

But in general, any public experiments are considered indecent, and only high-paid escort girls can fulfil such whims. But what if you want to experiment only with your beloved one?

Russian wives are just perfect for that. They do not see any problem in trying new things with their man, especially on the wedding day. It feels very natural to them, and they’re ready for more.

In fact, they’re similar to some western and European women in that, but the difference is that their open-mindedness isn’t egoistic and self-focused. They are really committed to please a partner.

Many people actually think the honeymoon cannot be wild and happy if the wedding was calm and boring. There is some logic in that indeed. Didn’t you want each other from the beginning?

So, celebrating and having a party with your friends, relatives, co-workers is not a reason to spoil your own festive day: the sexiest day you have ever had with your Russian bride.

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How to make sure your Russian girlfriend is right for you

For sure, the decision to marry doesn’t come spontaneously or too easy. There is a lot to think about, and a girl’s personality should be analysed really well. Will she welcome your wishes and desires?

The thing is that you want your sweet Russian wife to be naughty only with you, and not with anyone else after your wedding. So you need to chose wisely and consider many factors.

It’s really good if she didn’t have a partner for a long time because she’s picky, but you two have strong chemistry from the first moment you see each other. You like her smell, her body language.

She reacts on your touches even on the first meetings, you see how it gives her shivers, sometimes she even moans a bit when you caress her back or neck. She’s definitely hot!

The best is to chose someone who didn’t experiment much before, and who used to be classical but you’ll help her to reveal this potential. If she was modest before, it’s also exciting.

There is a perfect hint for jealous men, make love to a girl each time you feel jealousy. Don’t get distant, don’t yell, don’t abuse her, do not react like very primitive men do.

Each time it seems to you she liked someone, or you get doubts, or you just want to show she’s yours, and strengthen the relationship, do something very naughty and drive her crazy.

Too many people around? Ask her to wear short skirts helping you to reach her at any moment. Step by step, she will get used to your openness and you two will arrange the sexiest wedding!

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