Russian brides vs Estonian brides and what to expect

Top main similarities and differences

Russian women are often compared to Baltic women, because of the similar climate, a bit Nordic character, beautiful noble faces, and model-looking figures.

But these similarities are especially well-noticed between Russian and Estonian women. Their hair is often chestnut not blonde, like in Latvia and Lithuania, yet the skin is pale and eyes are blue.

Plus to that, Russian women are showing the same determination and entrepreneur skills as intellectual and artistic Estonian girls, without being too focused on a career ambitions.

This combination of qualities makes Russian and Estonian women the best wives and girlfriends on entire post-Soviet territory. Lots of western men are coming to Russia just to meet them.

However, if someone dated an Estonian girl before and expects to find completely the same in Russia, he has to be aware there are certain differences as well. Note them before you travel.

Estonia is already a part of Europe while Russia only calls itself a great empire, in fact, only two main cities are well-developed. The country is devastated by the economical and political mess.Russian brides vs Estonian brides

What it means in terms of international dating? On one side, Estonian brides are very well adapted to civilised countries with a high level of life, and they would do very well in the US.

On another hand, Russians are great survivors, and sometimes Moscow girls do miracles opening their own business in the west or re-doing their education brilliantly.

However, Estonian women aren’t in such a hurry to leave their country and relocate. They have wonderful and deeply-rooted perspectives where they live.

Estonia is considered the most successful country in the Baltic. For women, it’s often acceptable to invite a western man stay with them and find job for him there.

While all Russian women want, is escaping as soon as possible. Even those who own some little companies or real estate, prefer to manage them from abroad and almost stop visiting.

The majority of western men stick to their careers, businesses and even plain working places a lot, since there is certain stability very important for them and their regular bills.

So we guess it’s preferable for westerners to date a Russian woman who is really determined and committed strengthen her marriage in order to avoid coming back to her old environment.


Russian women vs Estonian as lovers

Many people frankly answer the question about the best part of marriage: it’s definitely the courtship period and the honeymoon. Both answers mean sex, and a lot of sex.

If you dated an Estonian woman, you have probably noticed they indeed have something Nordic about them and they make love rather tenderly than passionately.

But Russian women aren’t only Slavs or Scandinavians, they usually have mixed genes of Tatars, Bashkirs, Armenians. It makes them very passionate, although on a less degree than Ukrainians.great with Russian brides

When the USSR fell apart, the biggest sexual revolution happened exactly in Russia, many other countries remained conservative. Mixed girls were happy to finally express their real nature.

Today, westernization also had a great impact on Russian culture, although politicians and ideologists of the country deny this fact. Women gladly welcome the newest tendencies in sexual life.

A big number of women registered on sex-positive dating platforms, are confirming that. However, the majority of females are still willing to practice these new things with one partner.

Russian girls often describe their perfect marriage as trusting togetherness where they can make love in all possible ways without being judged or severely limited.

We dare to say Estonian women would never characterize marriage like this. They’d say something about friendship, open discussions with a partner, same views on raising kids.

All that makes us think Russian women are much more suitable lovers for Americans who want some spicy relationship or a sex-focused marriage. It’s really a great choice.


How to court a Russian woman comparing to Estonian

For very impatient men, courting a Baltic girl can seem a torture. Long walks, long talks, endless gifts because women’s coldness makes them practical, and zero intimacy.

Of course, it’s different, when Estonian woman is in love at first sight. It does happen and it changes their behaviour a lot. But in general, Russian girls get intimate much quicker.

In fact, they are just trying to follow the rule of first three dates, when a decent girl should keep the distance. After just three evenings, if all is well, you’ll taste her kisses and more!date a Russian woman

There are certainly rules in courting a Russian woman though that’ll help you not to spoil anything. It’s crucial to be polite and respectful no matter what, it’ll melt her heart.

Although there is a stereotype that Russian girls prefer brutal men and bad boys, it’s wrong. It could have been like that two or three decades ago, but not today.

Even the most modern Eastern European women still believe in a prince charming who’ll be old-fashioned, romantic, and gentle in any situation, especially before the first kiss.

It differs so much from western men’s attitude who think they’ll make some shopping for the girls and get their reward in a bed. Even if it’s partially so, marriage-minded people should be gallant.

But when all cultural barriers are passed, a Russian woman finally opens herself and becomes the most charming bride in public, yet the hottest tigress in a bedroom.


Everyday life with a Russian spouse: what it brings?

If to talk about everyday life in marriage, Estonian wives could still be preferable for some categories of men, thanks to their patience, financial independence, and reasonable mind.

Men who are weak physically, financially, or who lead a very reserved, peaceful kind of life, could be content with Estonian women. Those motherly caring females would cover their needs.

But there is a minority of such men in a dating market. Normal American men who are very active, athletic, successful, adventurous, humorous, are getting along great with Russian brides.

They always find what to talk about, where to go, how to make new friends, and they don’t mind to party from time to time. And that is exactly what makes a Russian wife happy.

Eastern European women are too bored to sit inside, see the same people coming over for a weekend, doing the same thing in a bed. It’s in their genes to seek new impressions and excitement.

Russian wives know western men marry them for the same purposes, not for keeping them at home like a nice-looking furniture as their local guys do. They appreciate their like-minded husbands.

It is a pleasure for a Russian wife to travel together with her partner, to make common plans, surprise each other, even go to the sex-shop together because it helps to fight routine.

None Scandinavian woman can give you that, and not each nationality with a Soviet heritage. But Russian girls are definitely what every man in the west dreams about and keenly needs.

The question is whether a man is ready to make such a big step, to start his long journey leaving the comfort of single life behind, to proceed with many documents, and to open towards love.

But those who take a risk, reportedly live happily ever after, especially if they are careful and thoughtful in their search and follow good dating experts’ advice.

Russian women are always considered the most beautiful, sexy, intelligent, educated, and loving among all other nationalities in Europe. Whether it’s true or not, you can check right today.

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