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Why do Russian girls look so cool?

If we compare pictures from an American party to photos of a Russian party we will not see big difference – smiling happy people and charming ladies can be found on any photo. But why then men claim that Russian brides are much more beautiful then?
Girls from America and European countries are also nice, pretty and attractive. But the difference is that they do not care about their style and appearance in everyday life as much as Russian women do.
It is a normal thing in, let’s say, Netherland, when a cute girl goes outside to buy something for breakfast being dressed in what she found on the top of her chest of drawers. She does not need and actually does not intend to look perfect, absolutely not. But a Russian girl cannot afford the same behavior.
Considering permanent lack of men in Russia all women there all the time act like hunters. No matter where and for how long they go they put on the most stylish dresses, skirts and jackets. They use the best makeup and do it as professionally as those artists from any TV show for women.
It is just impolite for a Russian girl to go outside in non-matching outfit. That’s just a mauvais ton. It’s a very old-fashioned part of Russian culture that makes women look like a princess each time they go out.

Family values

An average American family has more kids than a Russian or European one, but the reasons are different. European ladies like being independent and self-sufficient. They prefer to build a career and to achieve something in their professional field firstly and only after it they start thinking about family and children.
However, Russian brides dream about having two and more kids but the financial situation is simply not that good. Furthermore, young people in Russia often get divorces within 3 first years of marriage. Girls are scared that they will stay alone with a kid or two as it is really very difficult to raise even one child on one salary in Russia.
But the statistics show that women from Russia and other Eastern European countries tend to have more kids when they live in a developed country. Russian families in the USA often have 3 and even more children. They feel safe, their future is predictable and they have stable financial situation – what can be better for a growing family?
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